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Premium woods with artisanal character

To us, there is no material as timeless and well-loved as wood. Perhaps it’s because of its human qualities; we identify with its ability to breathe and move, its various moods, its character that gradually changes and deepens with time. Like wine, a good wood improves with age, assuming richer tones and a softer feel over the years.

Why choose wood?

As an interior flooring element, wood is in a league of its own. It takes beautifully to all kinds of treatment – staining, smoking, carbonising, colouring – adding to its already vast range of personalities. It is extremely durable, easy to maintain and water-resistant, while offering excellent acoustic and insulating advantages. And it can be laid in all kinds of styles – from traditional planks to herringbone, chevron, and even more complex variations.

Vintage and Urban

Our engineered wood products offer all of the advantages of fine, high-end wood, paired with the stability and durability of a multi-layered base. Choose from our rustic Vintage ranges in a wide variety of characters and styles, or the pared-down Urban collection with its clean, contemporary look and feel.

The nobility of oak

Our indoor wood collections are made exclusively from genuine oak, a magnificent tree that ages with unparalleled grace, resulting in incredible durability and timeless beauty. By using both European and Mongolian oak  – always responsibly sourced – we can offer a wide variation of styles and personalities.

A responsible choice

At Waw, we have the greatest of respect for the trees we use for our wood. We are strict in ensuring that they come from responsibly managed, legally felled forests, and we use intelligent technology to make the most out of each tree and to reduce our environmental impact. Our certifications include FSC, PEFC, EUTR, and Chain of Custody.

Our wood floor collections

Minimalist and clean-cut with unique patina

Our Urban collection offers a more contemporary, timeless and clean-cut alternative to the Vintage ranges, ideal for those in search of a more minimalist look. Here, we use Siberian oak trees that have been allowed to grow huge over the decades, enabling us to create generously sized planks that replicate the look and feel of antique flooring.

The Urban collection features a wide range of colours and tones, from natural hues and daylight whites to subtle greys and rich browns. As with all our Wood products, we offer an extensive selection of artisanal treatments – for instance distressing, staining and special protective oils – to achieve a unique, exquisite patina that deepens with time. Boards are available in aged and non-aged versions, where the former’s knots and dents add personality and charm.


A return to nature’s simplicity

Fresh and clean with a raw edge, Mood is our tribute to nature – and a perfect choice for those who want to emphasise a feeling of natural simplicity and untainted purity. Mood is available in a variety of wood grades, comes sanded and brushed with optional smoking treatment, and can finished according to your particular needs once installed.

Mood is also available in French oak in our Vintage collection.

Treatments and effects:

Choice of on-site finishes


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Rustic authenticity with real expression

Our Vintage collection is all about the stories that can be told through wood. Here, every piece of wood carries its own history, with hand scratches, scars and stains that have been carefully applied to deliver a truly unique, rustic look.

All of our Vintage ranges are made from European oak, a wood that is full of character and expressive potential. In addition to its beautiful cathedral grain, distinctive knots and exquisite patterns, it readily lends itself to our exclusive range of artisanal treatments: ageing, tumbling, hand brushing and scraping, saw cuts and marks, stains and scratches. Most of these finishes are applied by hand and allowed to air dry, to enhance the authentic look and feel that Vintage is known for.

If only our Vintage ranges could speak – just imagine the stories they would tell.


Rustic country charm

Imagine an old, abandoned barn, carefully refurbished to preserve its rustic charm and spacious feel. The Barn range brings this rural farmhouse style to life, using hand carved details, ageing and gentle saw marks to create a familiar, traditional country-worn feel.

Treatments and effects:

Multiple lengths and widths
Shrunken surface
Gentle saw marks
Hand carved


Colours and textures in musical harmony

Taking its visual cue from a perfectly strung sitar, Element is as artfully composed as a piece of music. Here, shifts and variations in colour and texture come together in one harmonic whole, accentuated by flourishes such as fret-like horizontal saw marks, brush marks and scrapes.

Treatments and effects:

Saw marks
Hand scraped
Invisible oil
UV oil


Rich, earthy tones with tactile warmth

Inspired by the Sri Lankan ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya and the stunning frescoes that still bring life to its walls and caves, Fresco features a vibrant palette of rich, warm tones and a beautiful tactile feel. Carbonised, smoked and/or stained, its rustic character is further emphasised by its detailed hand scrapes and brushes. Fresco is also available in two Siberian oak versions.

Treatments and effects:

Hand scraped
Hand brushed
Two variations in Siberian oak


Nineteenth-century sophistication

With a colour palette that echoes the warmth, depth and character of nineteenth-century wooden floors, Heritage reflects a history steeped in refined opulence – as well as our love of truly well-crafted materials. We use a deep smoke treatment and distressing to create intensity and personality, as well as brushing, light hand scraping and finally a brushed UV lacquer for a sophisticated sheen.

Treatments and effects:

Deep smoke
Lightly hand scraped
Brushed UV lacquer


The feel of smooth-worn leather

Inspired by America’s equestrian heritage, Legno builds on a nostalgia for smooth, well-worn leather, horseback riding, and the great outdoors. To create Legno’s distinctive style, reclaimed wood is carbonised, hand brushed, stained and treated with hardwax oil. This is real wood at its very best – with a choice of larger, longer boards for an even grander feel.

Treatments and effects:

Reclaimed wood
Hand brushed
Hardwax oil


Dark, distinctive beauty

In the eighteenth-century Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, a wood surface is charred to a deep charcoal black, revealing clean, distinct lines and creating an inherent textural beauty. Origins is a modern interpretation of this traditional process, with a carefully hand brushed, burnt surface to produce the same dark, alluring aesthetics.

Treatments and effects:

Hand brushed
Hardwax oil


Shaped by the forces of nature

This collection draws on the strange charm of driftwood washed up onto a distant shore, shaped and twisted by seas and storms. Here, uneven surfaces, accelerated ageing, and various brush techniques result in an intriguingly characteristic, bohemian look.

Treatments and effects:

Various brush techniques
Accelerated ageing
Reactive oils
Wax oil


The organic feel of smooth, polished stones

Relic finds its inspiration in the feel of soft stones on a beach, washed smooth by countless waves and tides. With its naturally distressed surface and raised knots creating a unique pebble effect and an organic feel, Relic is a pleasure to walk on.

Treatments and effects:

Deeply hand-brushed
Hardwax oil

Sample request

After so many years of working closely together with our customers, we know that feeling is believing. While we do our utmost to provide you with as much information as possible, nothing compares to experiencing our products up close.

We gladly offer sample books, or individual samples, to allow you to get to know our various collections. Just contact us at +33 1 84 16 97 83 or and we’ll be happy to help.

Have questions? Contact our specialist

Having reimagined floors and interiors for more than 35 years, we have in-depth knowledge of our own products as well as broad experience of creating all kinds of inspiring spaces. Whether you need specific information regarding our products, or an entire design solution that answers to your particular needs, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our specialist know-how.

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