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Where architectural artistry meets innovation

Unveiling our Paris-La Défense Showroom : Where architectural artistry meets innovation

In a bold stride towards innovation and creativity, we are thrilled to unveil our brand-new showroom nestled in the heart of the bustling Paris-La Défense business area. This exceptional space, masterfully envisioned by architect, and dear friend of the WAW company, Bjorn Verlinde, is set to redefine how we engage with our esteemed B2B partners.

Verlinde’s visionary design seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetic allure, resulting in a truly immersive experience for visitors. The showroom serves as a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration, a space where ideas flow freely and possibilities abound.

Every corner of this meticulously crafted showroom exudes a harmonious blend of modernity and ingenuity. Striking architectural elements harmonize with cutting-edge technology, creating an ambiance that ignites inspiration. Natural light floods through carefully positioned windows, creating a dynamic interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The showroom’s layout is thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse interactions. Open collaborative zones encourage spontaneous brainstorming sessions, while dedicated private areas offer the perfect setting for in-depth discussions. Digital displays seamlessly integrated into the architecture showcase our latest innovations and solutions, providing a hands-on experience that resonates with the evolving needs of our partners.

Bjorn Verlinde’s creative genius shines through in every detail. A mesmerizing blend of textures, materials, and colors stimulates the senses, fostering an environment where ideas flourish. The dynamic interplay between organic shapes and sleek lines mirrors our commitment to harmonizing innovation with functionality.

As you explore the showroom, you’ll discover our carefully curated collections, each a testament to our dedication to excellence. Our Wood, Bamboo, and Vinyl collection offers a range of sustainable and stylish options, perfect for diverse interior design projects. The outdoor collection takes center stage, featuring exquisite Composite and Bamboo materials that withstand the elements while exuding timeless beauty.

Beyond our signature collections, the showroom is a canvas for showcasing materials that elevate our products to new heights of elegance. The convergence of textures and finishes showcases our commitment to innovation and design, a journey that extends far beyond conventional boundaries.

In conclusion, the new showroom in the Paris-La Défense business area, curated by the visionary architect Bjorn Verlinde, stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and collaboration. With its captivating design, inspiring atmosphere, and an array of exquisite collections, this creative haven is poised to redefine the way we interact, ideate, and innovate with our esteemed B2B partners. Welcome to a space where possibilities know no bounds, and where our exceptional products transcend expectations.

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